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When Our Kids Get Sick

I wanted to share an incident that happened this morning with Max. Please keep in mind that Max's language skills is all learned speech - words and sentences that he hears other people say. He can have a general conversation with you, but when it comes to details and asking him specific questions, he is pretty much lost. Back to my story...Max was eating breakfast and, when he was finished, I hear him breathing heavy and telling himself "you're ok, it's ok". His breathing got faster and faster and I could tell he was beginning to panic. I immediately went to him, staying as calm as I could be (even though I was completely freaking out inside - I couldn't let him see that). He was hyperventilating, cold and clammy to the touch. He said, "Hold me, mom". I put my arms around him and held him tight, telling him to take deep breaths, in his nose, out his mouth - his heart was beating out of his chest. It was a very tense moment. I finally got him calm and walked him to his bed to lay down. I asked him where he was hurting and he couldn't answer me. I asked why he was panicking, he couldn't answer me. I asked him what he thought his body was doing to make him this way and he couldn't answer me. I tried to think of more specific ways to ask these questions so that he would understand, but I was at a loss. I was getting nowhere. When people ask me how I know what is hurting my child, I tell them that most of the time I don't - it is a guessing game and I rely on doctors A LOT to keep me informed. It can be very scary.

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