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The struggle is real!

I wanted to share something I went through with Max recently to try and help those who are new to the world of autism or don't have any experience with it to understand what the day to day can be like. Max loves his cherry Pepsi and while I do my best to curb his intake of soda I will allow him one from time to time. Well, if you have been paying attention you know that the cost of everything has gone through the roof, including soda. We were at a gas station and Max asked me if he could have a Cherry Pepsi. I said yes, but then changed my mind and tried to explain to him that at the gas station a soda costs $2.79 but at Walmart I can get a whole 6pack for a couple dollars more. I then asked him if he understood what I was trying to teach him. Crickets... I then went through the whole explanation again switching things around a bit to see if it made sense to him another way but still his response was some gibberish about some none related topic and then back to movie talk. We (Jen and myself) are busting our butts to bring A Place For Max to reality because Max and those like him will never be capable of living on their own and when I die, I want to know that he will be in a safe and loving environment where he will be loved, but also have his days filled with learning and fun activities. Being left in a room all day to watch tv or play video games and only come out to eat then return to his room is like a jail sentence, and I can not except that as the future of my son or any adult who is developmentally challenged. Life is about new experiences and learning new things. Anyone that has a child, think about your child when they were 5 years old? Now imagine you and your spouse died without having anyone that would take your child in and love them. If they had to be raised as a ward of the state. What kind of life would you want for them? That is the question A Place For Max is answering. We need your help and support! If you can give, please do, if not, please share our info with those that can. Together we can make a difference in the lives of those that need our help.

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