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Fingers crossed

We are very excited to share what has been going on recently. The city of Marinette is looking to bless a non profit with the Duer gymnasium. Well, needless to say, we jumped at the chance to throw A Place For Max in the running. We sent an email and were contacted by a member of the Parks & Rec Department and took a tour of the facility. Instantly, we could see the potential and benefits and envisioned what it could be for A Place for Max as well as the community. There are a few repairs and upgrades that need to be done, but we are confident that we can rise to the occasion and bring the building to its former luster. One of the many things we want to do with the gym, is to provide adults with special needs more opportunity for physical activity. Basketball, kickball, floor hockey, pickle ball, the list is endless! Yesterday, we attended the Marinette City Counsel meeting where one of the items on the docket was the Duer Gym and its future. Jen spoke on our behalf and expressed our deep desire to obtain the gym for A Place for Max. Creating a brand that is easily recognizable throughout our community and providing a resource for its members with special needs. The upstairs would be the main offices for A Place for Max and the downstairs gym area would be the new location for many events for special needs adults. It would be our pleasure to offer the facility to other organizations in the area that house special needs adults and senior citizens. We would use the gym to be active in the Special Olympics offering the facility to host events such as basketball and floor hockey, as well as hosting various fundraising events. A Place for Max will be a safe place for those with special needs and those that love and protect them and we couldn't be happier with the prospect of having a gym to share our vision with everyone!

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