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Corona Virus

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Hello everyone, we wanted to take the time and let everyone know how we are responding to this pandemic. Everywhere you turn, there is a story about the Corona virus and what you should do to avoid it. Some people are overreacting while others aren't taking any steps, saying it's no worse than getting the flu. We here, at A Place For Max, feel that being informed is key and also taking some common sense steps to avoid getting sick. Max is our #1 concern so we are practicing "social distancing" during this crazy time. We are going to stay vigilant in practicing good hygiene and cleanliness. Some may say its overreacting to stay away from public events and/or locations where people gather socially, but for us it's a simple choice: we would rather be safe and look over-protective than to under react and allow Max to get sick with this virus. We pray all our loved ones are safe and cautious during these next few weeks and months.

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