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Updated: Jan 24

It's a new year and we couldn't be more excited about the direction we are heading. We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you all what has been happening. When we started A Place for Max, it was our vision to have a small piece of land that would have several buildings to meet our needs. We never even entertained the idea of having everything under one roof, because of the cost of such a facility. But as we have all heard, "God works in mysterious ways!" A couple months ago we learned of an old school that was for sale in our community. We made an appointment to tour the place and immediately I knew that this was to be our future home! I could almost hear the laughter echo through the hallways! I must admit it's been a rollercoaster up until now and we haven't gotten the final word yet, but I am confident that we will be getting good news in the coming weeks. Here is a picture of the gym inside the school. Praying we are lucky enough to get this amazing school for A Place for Max!

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